Intuitive Soul Insights

Aromatherapy and Reiki 
in Madison WI

My Story:
After having gone through a very painful and difficult time in my life, I found myself soul searching. I was trying to figure out life, where I wanted to go and what my purpose was.

Through meeting several mentors I began my journey. I’m grateful and proud of being able to help others and make a difference with the knowledge that I have been blessed to develop, and share with my Great-grandmother (a minister, herbalist and energy worker) to my mother to myself.

Now I find myself changed for a positive, from where I was just a few years ago with my family regularly commenting on the shift in me. It’s become easier to share my painful time, when I feel that it will help another heal or grow, even if it can be difficult for me at times to re-live.  A continual healing process for me as well!

Through a few significant sports injuries that took me out of training for full year, I was guided into a new direction. I suddenly found myself taking a class to be Reiki certified before I really even knew what I was about to do – it just sounded right. Ironic how things always seem to work out, isn’t it? 

I believe in continual growth and learning. That’s why I continue, each day, to being the best person I can be, in addition take classes, seminars and certifications, and meeting new mentors and friends. 

Incorporating aromatherapy into organic, handcrafted items has continued to bring happiness, as i truly enjoy making each of the products available. And it's wonderful to see both humans, horses and dogs benefit from SAFE USE of aromatherapy. 

And here we are today. I have appreciation for my mentors, family and friends for their encouragement and support on my journey. It’s allowed me to shine and find my purpose. While in turn, I look forward to helping you be the light that you are.

  ~ Jennifer K. Christianson, Owner

Classes taken as part of continued growth:

Soy Votive & Wax Melt Glass -  September 2016 (Karner Blue Candle & Supply)

Animal Aromatherapy Aromatics Level 1 & MRSA Courses - In Progress - February 2016 (Ashi Therapy)
Animal Aromatherapy Level 1 - February 2016 (Ashi Therapy)
Aromatherapy Practicum 2 - December 2015 (MindSoulSelf)
Aromatherapy Practicum 1 - October 2015 (MindSoulSelf)
Aromatherapy 205: Intuitive healing with Aromatherapy - June 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 204: Energetic Healing with Aromatherapy - April 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 203: Spiritual Healing with Aromatherapy - March 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 202: Physical Healing with Aromatherapy - February 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 201: Emotional Healing with Aromatherapy - January 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy: Level 1 Certificate - December 2014 (MindSoulSelf)
Aromatherapy 104: Essential Oil Anatomy and Physiology - December 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Reiki Level Master - November 2014 (Inner Light)

Crystal Energy Balancing - November 2014 (Cheri Haines at TIBIA)

Aromatherapy 103: Essential Oil Biochemistry - November 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 102: Essential Oil Profiles - October 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 101: Healing with Aromatherapy/Intro to Aromatherapy - September 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Energy in Action - May 2014 (whitedoor)

Essential Oils & Pets with Dr Mary Hess - April 2014

Pranic Healing Level 1 - April 2014 (Pranic Healing of Wisconsin)

Intuitive Space - January - April 2014 (whitedoor)

Foundation Workshop - January 2014 (whitedoor)

Raindrop Technique - January 2014 (Karen Wegert)

Basic Dowsing & How to Begin to Do Energy Work (with Pendulum) - August 2013 (Rooted Spirit, LLC)

Discovering Nature's Remedies - July 2013 (School of Nature's Remedies)

Reiki Level 2 - July 2013 (Inner Light)

Reiki Level 1 - June 2013 (Inner Light)

Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor - January 2013